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Customize your furniture
Fausto Polanco designs and creates pieces that fit you.
If you can't find pieces in the color, shape or size that you need for your home, our team will personally help you design and style furniture that meet your needs.
You can customize your furniture with our selection of woods and finishes, fabrics and leathers that better your design, style and ambiance of the room they'll be occupying. To complement and give a special touch to each piece you can select ornaments and accesories like: buttons and zippers molded in bronce, silver nickel, tin and other materials, as well as a variety of sizes and complexities of nails, and more.
So if you have a picture or just an idea to create a totally original furniture piece, contact us to help you create this unique piece.
Interior design
How many times have you been confronted by the dilemma of 'what to do with your house's look?' - to later find yourself wandering at furniture stores looking for a quick solution that doesn't always end well.
For over 20 years Fausto Polanco has helped hundreds of clients turn their house into a home.
If you're looking to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, or want to improve the flow and sensation of your home or change the color scheme and 'give life' to a special place in your home, we can help you on what to do. We'll put in our creativity and ingenuity to make your dream a reality - from conceiving the idea of what you wan to do until finalizing your project. Assuring that everything is compatible with your needs, life-style and budget.
Each remodeling is different, that's why we're here to help you step-by-step along the project. Orientating you on take the best decission, avoiding confussions and expensive mistakes that often are presented in the design world.
Contact us and let us know how we can help you.
Home delivery
Packaging and delivery of your pieces to a local address (Baja California) is free.
If you need your pieces to be sent to a foreign address we can help arrange the delivery via UPS or any other carrier of you're choosing.
Shipping and exportation fees are payed separately.
Courtesy to the trade
This program has been specially designed for all distribuitors, interior designers and specialists in home-business. Once you register with us you will obtain special discounts on merchandise, tax expenses, as well as being a member of Fausto Polanco and ejoying the benefit of receiving information of our private sales and special events before anyone else.
To register you must show a valid Tax ID number.
Furniture and Antique restoration
Give a new life to your old pieces with our restoration service.
Our team has a wide knowledge on furniture fabrication and upholstery, making them capable of restoring sofas, chairs, pillows and antiques that require a high degree of detail, vision and experience. Using traditional techniques to give it an authentic finish.
We can modify or restore your favorite furniture piece that's been worn down by use and time, adapting it to your actual needs and style: raise the arms on a chair to make it more comfortable, chaing the casing on your sofa's pillow to make them easier to clean or simply changing the upholstery of your couch to give it a fresh new look.
Our restoration service includes:
- Assistance in selecting the finished, accesories and fabrics
- Restoring sofas, couches, dining and office chairs, pillows and benches
- Structure modifications
Send us a picture or bring your piece to one of our stores to know how we can help you.
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